Oreste Berta

Oreste Berta

ORESTE BERTA S.A. began building competition cars during the mid-sixties. In those years, the techniques, technology and components available went through radical changes.
Craftsmanship gave way to engineering; and intuition, to a more scientific approach.

These new procedures opened up new paths to research, experimentation, and evolution in the pacesetting automotive industry. Our initial outings in local and international motor car races helped us learn everything related to modern competition cars and their constant development.

Throughout more than 40 years, we have increased our resources and know-how in a wide range of disciplines, which led us to becoming one of the leading companies on the international level, fully dedicated to top-line engineering and to competition engines design and manufacturing, helping the automotive as well as the oil and aerospace industries.

Oreste Berta - Resourses

ORESTE BERTA S.A. has a staff of 45 highly qualified employees, engineers and well as mechanics. The plant, located in a 20-hectare lot, has a surface of 3,000 covered meters.

Oreste Berta - Quality

ORESTE BERTA S.A. Since the year 2007, it has had a quality management system that fulfills the requirements of IRAM-ISO 9001:2000 standards.

IRAM - Gestion de Calidad