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Motor 2.3 F3

Motor 2.0 SP



The housing 516 is a gear box for high performance cars FWD Tourism, designed specifically for the World Championship cars of Tourism.

Magnetti Marelli

- Alternators, Electric Actuators, Motors, Controllers V.
- Fuel and Power Systems.
- Information Acquisition, Display and Lap Trigger.
- Electronic Control System.
- Software.


In the automotive industry, gyroscopic measurement technology by GENESYS has proved an effective and versatile tool for dynamic testing of vehicles worldwide.



USB or RS232 2 Models Based on MediaTek chipset technology takes up to 66 GPS satellites. quickly positioned on the first power, offering 10 data per second.

Carburetion and ignition optimization

The Unichip is much more than a "chip" is a micro computer with the versatility of a programmable injection, which is placed between the engine control unit (ECU) and sensors, in order to change the amount of mixture injected and spark advance to optimize engine performance.

Aceite Elaion Competición

El ELAION COMPETICIÓN 5W50 está diseñado para obtener el máximo rendimiento en situaciones de gran exigencia como son las elevadas revoluciones por minuto y la alta relación de compresión a las que son sometidos los autos deportivos.

Motor 2.3L TR4

Motor 3.0 TRV6

Motor 3.5

Cylinder Heads

Oreste Berta S.A specializes in the design and manufacture of cylinder heads from the beginning.

Competition Valvues

Uno de los aspectos más importantes de la tapa de cilindros es el diseño de las válvulas. Hay muchos detalles a tener en cuenta, desde la forma, en ambos lados de admisión y escape es fundamental para promover ...

Kistler - Corrsys Datron

As a technology leader in vehicle dynamics and durability testing market, Kistler provides sophisticated system solutions to measure the forces related torques, motion / kinematics and accelerations.



Protec is a data acquisition system with specific functions to assess, monitor, and manage to protect the motor parameters.


Magnetostrictive linear position sensor means to characterize the suspension movement on motor racing, with accuracy of 25 microns.